Focusing on Environmentally Responsible Land Use Planning

The Center for Green Infrastructure Design (CGID) is a unique 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to providing education, research and professional assistance to communities contemplating green infrastructure planning and improving the vitality, value and function of our natural and social environments.

CGID supports agencies, municipalities, regional governments, cities, and communities which have a strong desire to sustain and strengthen their existing environmental assets. We help incorporate green infrastructure into planning agendas through the development of visions, plans and implementation strategies that address needs for carefully planned and linked green infrastructure networks as well as better patterns of development and land use decisions.

Formerly known as the Center for Green Space Design, the western-based organization began with one individual focused on changing the way people think about community growth and the natural landscape. It now includes satellite offices and staff committed to providing project assistance, education and research for communities that are struggling with growth & conservation issues, as well as the development and implementation of green infrastructure network designs.

Green infrastructure represents a valued land-use strategy because it supplies an important connection between land conservation and land use planning. Unlike more conventional planning approaches, green infrastructure strategies actively seek to promote more efficient and sustainable land use and development patterns, as well as protect natural ecosystems and the many benefits and services they provide.

CGID has developed a unique but highly successful means to addressing both natural (ecological) and social (community) values or assets within the green infrastructure design process. Liveable communities cannot be viewed within the natural environment context alone. The foundation of green infrastructure planning is the recognition and valuation of dynamic, interconnected systems, which must include the human and social components that so vitally interact with and affect the natural environment.

Our ultimate objective is to assist communities and municipal agencies in effectively implementing strategies and techniques to meet their green infrastructure goals. CGID’s extensive experience and toolkits have enabled numerous communities to achieve their goals and strengthen their green infrastructure assets.

For further information on the Center for Green Infrastructure Design and an Overview of our Organization, click here.

The Center for Green Infrastructure Design has gained notice in national and international circles, with articles in  such publications as PlanningLandscape Architecture and Urban Land and at conferences, including Western Planner, Urban Land Institute, American Society of Landscape Architects, The International Association of Landscape Ecology  American Planning Association, and even the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Design in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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July 2012
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